I Am Very Interested In The Electronic Shisha Pipes

I am very interested in the electronic hookah pens, and I will tell you why. I am trying to eventually quit smoking. Hookah has always been fancier than smoking cigarettes. Now, before I go any further with my personal explanation, I want to say that the electronic shisha pens are like electronic cigarettes in many ways. In other words, you aren’t setting up the hookah traditionally to take hits, and they come with many of the same advantages that make them much more safe.

In fact, it can be argued, and it is still trying to be proven, that both electronic cigarettes and hookah pens are indeed safe, minus the nicotine. Now I want to tell you something else. If you look at the benefits of using electronic shisha pens, you will see that it is mentioned that you don’t get nicotine when using them. I wonder if that is true for all of the devices or if it ‘can be’ true like with some of the choices you can make with e cigs.

Either way, it doesn’t matter to me because I am a smoker. At first, using one of these electronic products, I am going to want the dose of nicotine anyway. Now I will continue to explain the reason I am so interested in using these pens. As I said, hookah has always been fancier than smoking. So, I look at the electronic shisha pipes as fancier and with more options than electronic cigarettes.

I want to know what flavors they come with, and more importantly, I want to know what the devices look like and more about how they work. Do they have a big draw, and are their mods for them to get that draw just like e cigs? And, I want to know if they are smaller and a lot better looking than some of these models of vaping devices or e cigs.

I might start out with an electronic cigarette at first, and then I might switch to one of the electronic shisha pipes that doesn’t provide nicotine when I’m in my final stages of quitting. That seems like the best idea for me, but I will have to see. What is your interest in these devices? Perhaps you have always liked hookah, but you no longer want to use one for recreation. Maybe you still want to use an electronic shisha pen though.

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